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hicarepestcontrol.in embarked on a new career that would ultimately impact his family for at least the next three generations. As he walked the streets of Mumbai, his leather satchel in hand - filled with roach powder and mice bait - young Forrest sold and serviced those initial pest control accounts that would serve as part of the foundation for what would become a successful fourth-generation family of pest control specialists.

Pest Control Thane, is proud to be a part of the Mumbaipest.com family of companies in in Thane. Mumbaipest.com is a pest control business operating all over the world, providing high levels of service to commercial and residential customers. We are confident that our history of service provision to the people and businesses of the Midwest will continue to develop and improve through our partnership with Rentokil Steritech. Our mission is simple: to use our technical expertise to protect people and enhance lives.

We do make careful of who you let into your home. Many bugs can travel on people’s clothing and can be taken from one home to another. If you have a friend or family member, who is combating an infestation, you shouldn’t invite them over to your home. Purchasing used furniture and clothing can also be a problem. These items could very well carry pests. Thoroughly wash these items, before bringing them inside. Always seal off the cracks in your home or apartment. If the insects can find a way to enter your home, they will. Even the smallest of cracks could give them entry, so seal them off, before it is too late.Going on a vacation can be relaxing and will help you eliminate your stress, but it could also be problematic, if you spend the night at a motel. Wash your clothing and dry everything carefully, before bringing the items back into your home.

Despite taking the steps above, it may not always be possible to fully eliminate the potential for an infestation. With this in mind, you should learn about our bug control firm. We’re capable of eliminating rodents and more. Below, you will be able to do just that!

Our pestfree365 protection treatment plan ensures your home and family is protected year-round from over 36 different pests that appear with each new season. Pest Control Thane, pestfree365 is more than a preventative pest program, it’s a promise that we will provide pest-free living for your family all year long.


The professionals at Pest Control Thane know that your #1 priority is to rid your facility, business, or home of unwanted pests, and we share your passion for a pest-free environment. But we understand the need to balance that priority with environmental stewardship in order to protect your family from adverse health risks caused by toxic products, while effectively providing pest management solutions.